The 9th European Economic Congress

On 10-12 May 2017, Katowice will host the ninth edition of European Economic Congress, the most important business meeting in Central Europe. Work Service & Naton will represent its work and activities on the stand as well as in debate. Tomasz Misiak, President of the Supervisory Board, Work Service SA will be one of the guests who will share their experience and business knowledge.


The three-day series of debates of the European Economic Congress (EEC) will take place at the International Conference Centre and at the ‘Spodek’ Arena, the latter of which will play host to the participants in the main accompanying event - the European Start-up Days (ESD).


The organisers have planned to hold 132 sessions attended by approximately 700 speakers - there will be approximately 11,880 hours of substantive debates in total. Representatives of the administration of the European Union, representatives of both Polish and European Parliaments, and Ministers and Deputy Ministers from Poland and abroad will all meet in Katowice.




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